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Parkville VIC



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARMISTEAD Raeleen Joy  13 Sep 1957Parkville VIC I12595
2 BALL Athol Mansley  24 Apr 1974Parkville VIC I8785
3 BIRD Hector Charles  1 Aug 1972Parkville VIC I24921
4 BOYLE Austin  May 1956Parkville VIC I2581
5 BRIMACOMBE Ruby Adeline  1983Parkville VIC I33999
6 CHARLTON Catherine  Sep 1964Parkville VIC I4229
7 COCK Lillian May  Jun 1957Parkville VIC I11673
8 DUNNE Vincent Jerome  Sep 1945Parkville VIC I4309
9 EMERY Kathleen Rae  10 Mar 1982Parkville VIC I4202
10 FLETCHER Bertram Thomas John  24 Nov 1960Parkville VIC I4403
11 FRENCH Isa Marion  Aug 1978Parkville VIC I8818
12 GLEESON Leo Martin  1975Parkville VIC I24956
13 GREEN John Hurst  13 Jul 1964Parkville VIC I14343
14 GREEN Joseph Herbert  1950Parkville VIC I621
15 GREENE Augustine Edwin  23 Oct 1950Parkville VIC I622
16 GRIFFITHS Gordon Duncan  9 May 1959Parkville VIC I8824
17 HART Evelyn Maud Rebecca  14 Dec 1947Parkville VIC I13037
18 HAYDEN Thomas  8 Apr 1953Parkville VIC I6622
19 HEARD Ruby Tryphena  13 Jan 1968Parkville VIC I1111
20 HEARD Scott Clinton  1985Parkville VIC I8993
21 HEARN Clara  1964Parkville VIC I7142
22 HOLLAND Harold Joseph  11 Oct 1966Parkville VIC I9367
23 HOPPER Francis William  1971Parkville VIC I673
24 JARVIS Alma Joyce  17 Dec 1971Parkville VIC I32283
25 JOHNS Thomas Ascott  Apr 1963Parkville VIC I9170
26 KENDALL Ivan Ralph  22 Jun 1970Parkville VIC I7584
27 MARTIN Alice  20 Oct 1982Parkville VIC I8669
28 MCLEOD Daisy Isabel  1964Parkville VIC I32287
29 MORTON Ada  13 Mar 1948Parkville VIC I32388
30 MORTON Alan Douglas  Aug 1976Parkville VIC I32411
31 O'BRIEN Patrick Joseph  1956Parkville VIC I3834
32 PERRETT Frederick Hector Longman  Oct 1957Parkville VIC I550
33 POLA John Peter  10 Jul 1980Parkville VIC I9685
34 POMEROY Gertrude Ethel  1964Parkville VIC I3441
35 POTTAGE Elizabeth  1964Parkville VIC I13318
36 POTTAGE Henry Rupert  Feb 1975Parkville VIC I6628
37 PRICE John William  1964Parkville VIC I15870
38 ROBERTSON Alexander Henry  1966Parkville VIC I7129
39 RODDA Rebecca Jane  May 1947Parkville VIC I17857
40 ROSS Gordon Roy  Cal Jun 1959Parkville VIC I1214
41 ROWSELL Henry Kennedy  10 Jan 1965Parkville VIC I4497
42 SHILLINGTON Pearl Eliza  Aug 1947Parkville VIC I482
43 SHONE Frederick Thomas  22 Aug 1989Parkville VIC I34898
44 SINCLAIR Jean Bromell  11 Feb 1958Parkville VIC I3446
45 SMITH Adelaide Rebecca  6 May 1968Parkville VIC I11714
46 SPARKES John Say  27 Dec 1956Parkville VIC I24882
47 STEPHENS Gordon Vanstone  18 Jun 1974Parkville VIC I9322
48 TREWIN Charles Ernest Lawrence  28 Aug 1975Parkville VIC I15806
49 TREWIN George Clydesdale, (twin)  1963Parkville VIC I19795
50 TUCKER Arthur Joseph  21 Oct 1974Parkville VIC I640
51 VANSTONE Tryphena Amelia  19 Dec 1952Parkville VIC I9303
52 WALTER Rex Ellis  May 1972Parkville VIC I891
53 WENSOR Elsie  4 Dec 1973Parkville VIC I19285
54 WENSOR Percy James  1964Parkville VIC I19284
55 WHITE Mary Janet  1962Parkville VIC I19290
56 WHITING Albert William Edward  Nov 1948Parkville VIC I475
57 WOODGATE Annie Eliza  Oct 1948Parkville VIC I4246
58 YATES Samuel James  1962Parkville VIC I460