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Natimuk VIC



Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AITKEN Catherine Mary  24 Feb 1974Natimuk VIC I412
2 AITKEN Jane Maree  1 Apr 1972Natimuk VIC I411
3 BAILEY Evelyn Amy  23 Sep 1915Natimuk VIC I60
4 BENNETT Harold Frederick George, DFM  1 Nov 1915Natimuk VIC I13171
5 BENNETT Ruby Mary  1918Natimuk VIC I13170
6 BOEHM Myrtle Ruth Priscilla  1893Natimuk VIC I9235
7 BOEHM Snowdrop Louisa Adelaide  1891Natimuk VIC I9233
8 CRANAGE Anne  1882Natimuk VIC I513
9 CRANAGE Leslie William  1879Natimuk VIC I535
10 DUNCAN Lillian May  14 Nov 1908Natimuk VIC I4505
11 DUNCAN Royden Andrew  1902Natimuk VIC I4506
12 DUNCAN William Ernest  Abt 1878Natimuk VIC I4442
13 GRANT Amelia Ruth  1898Natimuk VIC I9224
14 GRANT Claude Stanley  1899Natimuk VIC I9226
15 GRANT Dorothy Olive Maud  1901Natimuk VIC I9225
16 HEARD Alison Louisa  1918Natimuk VIC I68
17 HEARD Cory Bromell  13 Jul 1916Natimuk VIC I67
18 HEARD Edith Elizabeth  3 Sep 1878Natimuk VIC I1107
19 HEARD Emma Bromell  3 Dec 1879Natimuk VIC I1108
20 HEARD Gilbert Vincent Bromell  6 Dec 1884Natimuk VIC I1115
21 HEARD Ruby Tryphena  16 Oct 1883Natimuk VIC I1111
22 HEARD Walter Cory Bromell  14 Jun 1882Natimuk VIC I1110
23 HILL Herman James John  1883Natimuk VIC I3631
24 HILL Leslie William Samuel  1879Natimuk VIC I3630
25 JOHNS Claude Wesley  1884Natimuk VIC I9155
26 JOHNS Ethel May  1880Natimuk VIC I9167
27 JOHNS Helena Gertrude  1877Natimuk VIC I9177
28 JOHNS Lexie Matilda Irene  1897Natimuk VIC I9344
29 JOHNS Lila Winifred Blanche  18 Aug 1886Natimuk VIC I9171
30 JOHNS Lila Winifred Daphne  1895Natimuk VIC I9343
31 JOHNS Richard Edward Cory  18 Nov 1882Natimuk VIC I9168
32 JOHNS Thomas Ascott  1875Natimuk VIC I9170
33 LESLIE Paul Alan James  4 Sep 1984Natimuk VIC I8841
34 LESLIE Rachel Leanne  12 Jan 1977Natimuk VIC I8836
35 LESLIE Susan Jane  22 Jun 1978Natimuk VIC I8839
36 MCCLURE Avenel Glasgow  1913Natimuk VIC I9369
37 MCCLURE Lesley Winifred  1916Natimuk VIC I9371
38 MCCLURE William Lachlan  7 Aug 1911Natimuk VIC I3448
39 MCKENRY Hector Charles Henry  6 Mar 1913Natimuk VIC I52
40 SCHMIDT Alfred Adolph  Abt 1885Natimuk VIC I383
41 SCOTT Adrian Graeme  24 Jul 1970Natimuk VIC I8847
42 SINCLAIR Wynne  18 Jan 1918Natimuk VIC I6378
43 TREADWELL Alfred Ernest  10 Dec 1875Natimuk VIC I4409
44 TREADWELL James Walter  23 Apr 1877Natimuk VIC I4410
45 TREADWELL Mae  29 Apr 1912Natimuk VIC I4502
46 TREADWELL Martha Maria  19 May 1879Natimuk VIC I4411
47 TREADWELL William Hastings  1908Natimuk VIC I4503
48 TUCKER Beatrice Maud  1878Natimuk VIC I6611
49 TUCKER Sybil Blanche  1879Natimuk VIC I6612
50 WALTER David  26 Jul 1976Natimuk VIC I7108
51 WALTER Frank William  7 Jan 1916Natimuk VIC I1358
52 WALTER Gordon  1 Apr 1907Natimuk VIC I935
53 WALTER Joanne  25 Nov 1978Natimuk VIC I7109
54 WALTER John Thomas  10 Jul 1926Natimuk VIC I148
55 WALTER Norma Edna  18 Oct 1913Natimuk VIC I1369
56 WALTER Phenie Gertrude  3 Feb 1883Natimuk VIC I224
57 WALTER Sandra Helene  30 May 1949Natimuk VIC I338


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENNETT Kathleen Maher  28 May 2007Natimuk VIC I1698
2 BENNETT Margaret Maude  28 Jan 2014Natimuk VIC I1697
3 BROOKSBY Raymond Alfred  7 Jun 1953Natimuk VIC I4043
4 DUNCAN William Ernest  1933Natimuk VIC I4442
5 HEARD Gilbert Vincent Bromell  21 Dec 1884Natimuk VIC I1115
6 JOHNS Annie Louisa  1909Natimuk VIC I9179
7 JOHNS James Wallace  1905Natimuk VIC I9346
8 JOHNS William Walter  15 Oct 1898Natimuk VIC I9144
9 SCHOFIELD Ina Kathleen  1907Natimuk VIC I1119
10 TREADWELL Charles Vincent  14 Nov 1975Natimuk VIC I4412
11 TREADWELL Edith May  21 Mar 1971Natimuk VIC I4440
12 TREADWELL Emma Jane  1949Natimuk VIC I4441
13 WALTER Gordon  15 Oct 2007Natimuk VIC I935
14 WALTER Leo Claude  1902Natimuk VIC I3816
15 WALTER Margery Ann  1898Natimuk VIC I3813
16 WALTER Ralph Thomas  14 Jul 1979Natimuk VIC I780
17 WALTER Ruth Filmer  27 Dec 1884Natimuk VIC I1590
18 WILSON Hilda  7 May 1966Natimuk VIC I1114


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BELL Thomas Robert  1882Natimuk VIC I4446