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CHING John Cottle

Male Abt 1821 - 1899

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

CHING Sophia Ann Female
PIPER William James Loan, MM Male
PIPER Nellie Female
RANDLE Thomas Male
PIPER John Charles Male
O'BRIEN Ethel May Female
PIPER John Charles Male
LOAN Ellen "Nellie" Female
PIPER James Edward Male
SMITH Ellen Emma Female
PIPER Walter William Male
PIPER Emma Grace Female
DENDLE Thomas Alfred Ernest "Alfred" Male
New chart
PIPER Margaret Myrtle Female
DENTON Allen Kenneth Male
New chart
PIPER George Edwin Ernest Male
WIFFEN Gertrude Lydia Female
PIPER Gladys Mary Female
PIPER Jean Alison Female
PIPER Philip Ernest Male
ROGERS Margaret Louisa Female
PIPER Grace Millicent Female
Unknown Male
New chart
WINDMILL Frederick Charles Male
New chart
FREARSON Arthur Male
PIPER John Thomas Eldridge Male
PIPER Cyril Henry Male
BROWN Mavis Anne Female
New chart
PIPER Hector Charles Male
PIPER Alfred Henry Male
HEARD Elizabeth Jane Female
PIPER Edwin Thomas Male
PIPER Harold Male
PIPER Clarence Edwin Male
FARROW Doris Florence Female
New chart
PIPER Donald Ambrose Male
WALL Kathleen Ruth Female
New chart
PIPER Mabel Lillian Female
KENWORTHY Harold Percy Male
FLETCHER (----) Male
PIPER Lorna May Female
HYNSON Frank William Male
New chart
PIPER Mavis Jean Female
MCLEOD John Norman Male
New chart
PIPER Reuben Ambrose Male
MATTHEWS Lillias May Female
MORRIS Frederick James Male
MORRIS Dorothy Muriel Female
PIPER Emma Elizabeth Female
MORRIS Frederick Male
MARSHALL (----) Male
HILL James Edwin Male
HILL Harold Herbert Male
PIPER Emily Charlotte Female
HILL Herbert Adolphus Male
PIPER Keith Male
PIPER Eric Male
PIPER John Male
(----) Martha Female
PIPER Bettine Female
PIPER Herbert Arthur Male
DICKSON Doris May Female
CHING Emma Grace Female
PIPER John Thomas Male
TREADWELL Margery May Female
TREADWELL James John, MM Male
ROWSELL Henry Edward Male
New chart
MCCANN Arthur Harold Male
New chart
TREADWELL William Hastings Male
MARSHALL Margaret Josephine Louisa Female
FISHER Robert Ashworth Male
BURNS (----) Female
TREADWELL John Thomas Male
HASTINGS Margaret Mary Female
TREADWELL Emma Jane Female
TREADWELL Gladys Female
DAVIES Henry Male
TREADWELL William James Male
MCGIBBONY Susannah Female
DUNSTER Marion May Female
BOND Oscar Edward Male
DUNSTER Effie Doris Charlotte, (Twin) Female
HATRICK Alexander Robert Male
DUNSTER Nellie Doreen Grace, (Twin) Female
FLETCHER Thomas Edward Male
DUNSTER Edward Herbert Male
DUNSTER Norman James Male
KELLY Elsie May Female
TREADWELL Charlotte Grace Female
DUNSTER Edward Richard Tertius Male
BELL Olive May Female
HOSKING John Waters Male
New chart
BELL Stanley Thomas Male
FRECKLINGTON Jessie Adell Female
New chart
BELL Charles James Male
JELBART Agnes Isobel Female
New chart
BELL William Cecil Male
PAWLEY Mary Cibyl Turnavine Female
New chart
BELL Clifton Roy Male
JOB Gladys Olive Female
New chart
BELL Thelma Jean Elizabeth Female
WATSON Sidney Male
New chart
STANTON Arthur Lindsay Male
New chart
BELL Vincent Ian Hamilton Male
REES Margaret Anne Female
New chart
TREADWELL Mary Elizabeth Female
BELL Thomas Robert Male
TREADWELL Violet Alma Female
MULLARD William Male
TREADWELL Ernest Reginald John Male
FRY Mary Ann Female
TREADWELL Herbert Alfred James Male
NUNN Margaret Mary Female
TREADWELL Leonard Walter Thomas Male
O'SHANNESSY Bridget Minnie Female
New chart
TREADWELL Rex Vincent Male
MADDEN Doreen Female
TREADWELL Desmond William Male
WILSON Thelma Catherine Female
TREADWELL Alfred Ernest Male
BIGGS Catherine Margaret Female
TREADWELL James Walter Male
NEAL Rosetta Jane Female
DUNCAN Royden Andrew Male
DUNCAN Lillian May Female
MEWETT Harold Mancer Male
New chart
TREADWELL Martha Maria Female
DUNCAN William Ernest Male
TREADWELL Edith May Female
TREADWELL Betty Mary May Female
SHANNAHAN Alexander Male
TREADWELL Jean Isabel Female
TREADWELL Charles Vincent Male
DISHON Isabella Female
WALTER Lindsay Ralph Male
WALTER Alan James Male
MCCLURE Maisie Female
New chart
WALTER John Thomas "Jack" Male
SELLS Elaine Yvonne Female
New chart
TREADWELL Annie Caroline Female
WALTER Ralph Thomas Male
TREADWELL Francis Henry Male
DAVEY Vida Female
CHING Mary Jane Female
TREADWELL James Francis, JP Male
CHING Walter William Male
CHING John Cottle Male
BRAZIL Eileen Mary Female
LE GRAND Cyril James Male
BRAZIL Maureen Josephine Female
BRAZIL Thomas Joseph Male
BRAZIL Daniel William Male
ARNOLD Clara Mary Female
BRAZIL Cornelius Male
ARNOLD William Thomas Male
ARNOLD Vera Maude Female
ARNOLD William Caleb Male
WADE Myra Female
ARNOLD Joshua Walter Male
HAYES Laura Amelia Caroline Female
MILLER Leslie Gordon Male
HAYES Marion Ella Jessie Female
WEST Albert Gordon Male
HAYES William John Clement Male
HAYES Ronald James Sydney Male
HALEY Mary Teresa Female
New chart
HAYES William Robert Nicholas Male
POWELL Stella Vera Alice Female
ARNOLD Morwina Female
HAYES William Male
ARNOLD Albert Edward Male
ARNOLD Betty May Female
MOLE Norman Harold Male
ARNOLD Wallace Male
KINGSTON Ethel May Female
ARNOLD Nicholas John Male
ARNOLD Ada Female
REEVES Peter Male
ARNOLD Samuel Cornwall Male
FINNIN Ellen Female
ARNOLD Percy Male
GANGE Ethel Gladys Female
CHING Caroline Walter Female
ARNOLD William John Male
DUNSTAN Thomas Henry Male
CHING Tryphena Ann Female
DALLY Norman Lindsay Male
DALLY Percival Bennett Male
BUNKER Doris Jean Female
New chart
DALLY Walter John Male
LAY Gladys Adele Female
New chart
DALLY Joyce Female
CHING Emma Charlotte Female
DALLY Percival John Bennett Male
BOXER Charles Walter Male
BOXER Ruby Doreen Female
MALCOLMSON (----) Male
BOXER John Russell Male
HARDY Winifred Joan Female
New chart
CHING Harriet May Female
BOXER Charles John Male
CHING Unknown Female
CHING Laura Grace Female
CHING Maud Mildred Female
BROWN Frederick Hamilton Male
CHING Ruby Mabel, (twin) Female
LEES Isaac Male
CHING Walter Russell, (twin) Male
CHING Lila Myrtle Female
CHING Walter William Male
COOK Harriet Female
CHING John Cottle Male
New chart
CHING John Cottle Male
WALTER Charlotte Female
CHING Annie Robertson Female
HOOPER Patricia Margaret Female
WILDING Walter John Male
New chart
HOOPER Heather June Female
NIXON-SMITH John Fyfe Male
New chart
CHING Lorna Annie Female
HOOPER Eric George Male
CHING Jennifer Mary Female
ERRIMAN Allick Male
New chart
CHING Ellis Graeme Male
DUBOURG Margaret Ann Female
New chart
CHING Ellis Charles Male
LANCASTER Constance Winifred Female
PIPER Elizabeth Anne Female
ROSSELL Nevin Alexander Male
New chart
PIPER John Charles Arthur Male
SWORD Jennifer Merri Female
New chart
CHING Edith Robertson Female
PIPER Arthur Henry Lynn "Harry" Male
CHING Ila Harford Female
CHING Charles Cottle Male
BOND Edith Julia Female
CHING Laura Sophia Female
CHING Catherine Amelia Female
ROBERTSON Susan Female