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Hartland DEV



Matches 51 to 117 of 117

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 OSBORNE Elizabeth  Abt 1868Hartland DEV I1030
52 OSBORNE George  Abt 1877Hartland DEV I18813
53 OSBORNE John  Abt 1828Hartland DEV I1023
54 OSBORNE William L.  Abt 1866Hartland DEV I1029
55 PILLMAN Annie Mary  1879Hartland DEV I18547
56 PILLMAN Emala  1868Hartland DEV I18545
57 PILLMAN Louisa  1888Hartland DEV I18548
58 POMEROY John  1 Sep 1864Hartland DEV I2448
59 PROUSE Ann  Between Jan 1848 and Mar 1848Hartland DEV I14676
60 PROUSE John  29 Apr 1849Hartland DEV I14675
61 PROUSE Mabel Elizabeth  Abt 1887Hartland DEV I10996
62 PRUST Em  Abt 1634Hartland DEV I3762
63 ROWE Bertha Jane  1905Hartland DEV I11279
64 STONE Eliza Ann  Abt 1872Hartland DEV I20783
65 STONE Eva  Abt 1881Hartland DEV I20779
66 STONE John  Abt 1876Hartland DEV I20778
67 STONE Josiah  Abt 1878Hartland DEV I20781
68 STONE Thomas  Abt 1865Hartland DEV I20785
69 STONE William  Abt 1861Hartland DEV I20782
70 THORN Frederick Charles  4 Sep 1881Hartland DEV I11963
71 THORN Spencer  2 Apr 1884Hartland DEV I11965
72 VANSTONE Alan Richard  26 Sep 1949Hartland DEV I11353
73 VANSTONE Emma  1863Hartland DEV I10810
74 WADE Martha  4 Sep 1836Hartland DEV I10679
75 WALTER Andrew  Between Jul 1896 and Sep 1896Hartland DEV I11066
76 WALTER Ann Ursula  Between Oct 1867 and Dec 1867Hartland DEV I11054
77 WALTER Benjamin  Between Oct 1855 and Dec 1855Hartland DEV I11044
78 WALTER Charles  5 Mar 1838Hartland DEV I1018
79 WALTER Elizabeth  30 Jul 1831Hartland DEV I3350
80 WALTER Elizabeth Ann  1841Hartland DEV I11040
81 WALTER Elizabeth Ann Miriam  1845Hartland DEV I18488
82 WALTER Emily  Between Jul 1884 and Sep 1884Hartland DEV I11031
83 WALTER Emily  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Hartland DEV I11064
84 WALTER Emma Helena  Between Jul 1879 and Sep 1879Hartland DEV I11028
85 WALTER Fred  Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876Hartland DEV I11027
86 WALTER Frederick  Between Apr 1889 and Jun 1889Hartland DEV I11065
87 WALTER Hugh Oxenham  9 Apr 1887Hartland DEV I11033
88 WALTER John  Between Apr 1862 and Jun 1862Hartland DEV I11052
89 WALTER John Henry  Between Jul 1886 and Sep 1886Hartland DEV I11063
90 WALTER Lewis William  3 Oct 1848Hartland DEV I1020
91 WALTER Lewis William  Between Jan 1882 and Mar 1882Hartland DEV I11029
92 WALTER Mary  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Hartland DEV I11060
93 WALTER Mary Elizabeth  Between Jul 1874 and Sep 1874Hartland DEV I11055
94 WALTER Nick  26 Feb 1960Hartland DEV I11362
95 WALTER Olivia Annie  Between Oct 1884 and Dec 1884Hartland DEV I11030
96 WALTER Paul  25 Jun 1971Hartland DEV I11309
97 WALTER Prudence Annie  Between Oct 1880 and Dec 1880Hartland DEV I11061
98 WALTER Richard  15 May 1823Hartland DEV I3355
99 WALTER Richard  1851Hartland DEV I11042
100 WALTER Selina Rendall  Abt 1878Hartland DEV I11056
101 WALTER Sophia  14 Jul 1833Hartland DEV I1016
102 WALTER Sophia  Between Oct 1883 and Dec 1883Hartland DEV I11062
103 WALTER Stanley  Between Apr 1900 and Jun 1900Hartland DEV I3781
104 WALTER Suzanne  7 Sep 1961Hartland DEV I11363
105 WALTER Thomas  Between Apr 1889 and Jun 1889Hartland DEV I11035
106 WALTER William  Between Jan 1886 and Mar 1886Hartland DEV I11032
107 WALTER William Pillman  Between Oct 1859 and Dec 1859Hartland DEV I11051
108 WESTLAKE Annie  7 Jul 1918Hartland DEV I6047
109 WICKETT Albert Edward  Abt 1876Hartland DEV I1042
110 WICKETT Bessie Ann  2 Jan 1868Hartland DEV I1039
111 WICKETT Charles  1873Hartland DEV I1041
112 WICKETT Florence  1887Hartland DEV I1044
113 WICKETT Frederick Thomas  Abt 1863Hartland DEV I1037
114 WICKETT Mary  1880Hartland DEV I1043
115 WICKETT Ophelia  31 May 1876Hartland DEV I14261
116 WILLIAMS Rita  20 Dec 1936Hartland DEV I11301
117 WOOD Rebecca  29 Sep 1834Hartland DEV I2555

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